We’ve helped multiple start-ups be acquired — and continued to work for the acquiring company.

Biopsys Medical and Johnson & Johnson

Mammotome photo

  • Mammotome breast biopsy device
  • 1992-1998
  • CEO: Steve Gex
  • Target markets: Surgeons and interventional radiologists
  • Acquired by Johnson & Johnson for $310 million in 1997

D&D began working with Biopsys before it obtained FDA clearance for the Mammotome or had a marketing VP. Biopsys did no advertising but instead relied on our PR work. For J&J we created a nationwide consumer outreach program, to support MD accounts and drive women’s demand for Mammotome.

Venetec International and CR Bard

  • StatLock catheter securement devicessteve_video
  • 1999-2008
  • CEO: Steve Bierman, MD
  • Target Markets: Infection preventionists, vascular access specialists, urologists, nursing executives, U.S. regulatory agencies and members of Congress
  • Acquired by CR Bard for $166 million in 2006

D&D helped take Venetec from a tiny startup through acquisition and continuing PR support for Bard. Prior to acquisition, annual revenue grew from $500K to nearly $30 million. Our work included creation of a needlestick-safety nonprofit plus advocacy campaigns that resulted in:

  • Language about securement devices in the Needlestick Safety & Protection Act signed by Pres. Clinton
  • An OSHA policy requiring hospitals to annually assess catheter securement devices.

DR Systems

Dominator female doc 1+3Model_3D

  • Unity RIS/PACS, eMix & eHR for Meaningful Use
  • 2005-2015
  • Chairman of the Board: Murray Reicher, MD
  • CEO: Rick Porritt
  • Target markets: Radiologists, Chief Information Officers and PACS administrators
  • Acquired by Merge Healthcare/IBM for $70 million in 2015

DR Systems was a low-profile radiology PACS company when they recruited us to work with them. We created multifaceted marketing and PR programs that substantially increased the visibility and sales of their PACS , RIS and additional hardware and software. Other key efforts for which we created messaging and far-reaching PR campaigns:

  • eMix, an innovative cloud-based, image sharing technology
  • eHR for Meaningful Use, a vendor-neutral electronic health record for use by radiologists, anesthesiologists and other specialties

Excelsior Medical

  • SwabCap IV disinfection cap and related productsSwabCap jpeg
  • 2009 to 2016
  • CEO: Steve Thornton
  • Target Markets: Infection preventionists, vascular access specialists, nursing executives and infection control MDs
  • Acquired by ICU Medical and Medline in 2015 for $59 million

We helped Excelsior pioneer a new category and drive triple-digit annual sales growth sales. Excelsior emerged as the leading maker of disinfection caps for IV connectors and a flush syringe-cap combo (SwabFlush). D&D helped shape product marketing, conference strategy and clinical studies. We also created a national-award-winning video highlighting a hospital’s infection-control success with SwabCap.


  • 93560_2MammoPad Softer Mammogram
  • 2002 to 2006
  • CEO: Steve Gex
  • Target Markets: Breast center administrators, MD mammographers and radiology techs
  • Acquired by Hologic for $70 million

We helped BioLucent create this unique product category – a radiolucent pad cushioning the mammogram machine — and branded the “Softer Mammogram.” Campaigns were tied to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Women’s Health Week. Other efforts supported sales in regional U.S. markets. After acquisition, we were retained by the spun-off Cianna Medical to represent Cianna’s SAVI technology.